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19_Meisenhelder-6-55.jpg1919 -1924 Meisenhelder136 viewsRoy M. Meisenhelder's Sheet Metal, Auto and Body Works, based in York, PA, was in business from 1919 through 1924. They were primarily a coachbuilder and did body repairs. They produced four cars based on the Paige chassis. This is the only known example. A unique automobile featuring a roadster body, V-shaped custom radiator, unique built-in running lights, custom split windscreen, cast-alloy running boards with running board seats, three spare tires, rear mounted trunk and a host of unusual items that Roy cast himself. Those items included hubcaps, interior trim rims, lanterns and bumper brackets. Many of the original casting molds used still exist, and are displayed with the car. It was owned by a collector in York, PA, until the current owner purchased the car in 2008.

This one-off runabout is adorned with gadgets and refinements, including a stylish split windshield, side lamps over the turned-up running boards, and an air vent in the cowl. The polished disc wheels add to its unique period style. During the 1920s many individuals built their own automobiles but few of these cars remain in great condition.
Allen_PA_1_A.jpgAllen166 viewsPressed Allen cap. Item 22 in threaded hubcaps unlimited by D Kuhn SnrDKuhn
American_Locomotive_CB_1_A.jpgAmerican Locomotive 1905-1913164 viewsDescription: Cast brass threaded hubcap from an American Locomotive . Providence R.I. DKuhn
Anhut_1909-10.jpgAnhut140 viewsDescription: Brass insert in possibly NPPB threaded hubcap for an Anhut produced by the Anhut Motor Car Co, Detroit 1909-1910.DKuhn
Aster_NPPB_1_A.jpgAster 119 viewsAster ( France) 1900-1910 made engines and gearboxes for Gladiator, Aries, Argyll, Singer, Swift, Dennis
Aster UK ( Aster Engineering Coy Ltd 1922-27 Middlesex and Arrol-Johnson Ltd and Aster Engineering Coy, Heathhall, Dumfries 1927-30 made the first Aster car in 1922. The Duke of York became its most famous custome in 1925 but this did not save the coy from amalgamation with Arrol -Johnston in 1927.
Auburn_CB_1_A.jpgAuburn113 viewsDescription: Cast Brass threaded cap for an Auburn.

Simension: Threads 2 15/16", Height 1 1/2", Diameter at octaganol 2 7/16"
Babcock_CB_2.jpgBabcock296 viewsH.H. Babcock Co, Watertown, N.Y (1909-1913) . The Babcock line included a motor buggy with a 2 cyl engine as well asa conventional car with a 35/40 hp 4cyl engine.DKuhn
Beggs_NPPB_1_A.jpgBeggs 1918-23110 viewsDescription: NPPB threaded cap for a Beggs assembled by the Beggs Motot Car Co, Kansas City, Mo.
Cameron_CB_1_A.jpgCameron 1902-21100 viewsDescription: Cast Brass threaded hubcap from a Cameron (Stamford, CT. 1917-21, New Haven, Conn. 1914-16, Pawtucket, R.I. 1902-04, New London Conn 1906-1912)DKuhn
Ceirano_1_A.jpgCeirano208 views1 commentsDKuhn
Clement_Bayard_PB_2_A.jpgClement Bayard97 viewsTwo different Clement Bayards caps. Note the A.CLEMENT on one and reversal of Bayard to the topDKuhn
Daimler_NPCB_1_A.jpgDaimler95 viewsDescription: Nickle plated cast brass cap for a DaimlerDKuhn
Demot_NPPB_1_A.jpgDemot116 viewsDescription: This is a threaded brass Demot threaded hubcap, someone painted the letters red. The Demot was made in Detroit from 1910 - 1911.

Dimension: Diameter measures 2 1/8" and is 1 7/8" high.
Demot_NPPB_1_C.jpgDemot110 viewsDKuhn
Donnet_CB_1_A.jpgDonnet - Zedel131 viewsThis is a brass Donnet- Zedel, DZ, threaded hubcap. This automobile was made in France from 1924 - 1934. Threads measure 2 1/8" in diameter, and is 1" high.DKuhn
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