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Graham_Bros_Truck_PA_1_A.jpgGraham Brothers Truck311 views
• Description; Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for a Graham Brothers truck built in Detroit, Michigan between the years of 1917 and 1932.
• Size; The has an outside diameter of 3 11/16” and is 2 3/16” high with 3 7/16”- 16 threads.

1 commentshubcapco10/31/12 at 08:32frank: Ray, Robert, and Joseph Graham ( they are the 3 he...
Dagmar_NPB_1_B.jpgDagmar 1922-23162 viewsCrawford1 commentshubcapco01/13/08 at 17:59DKuhn: Dagmar was also the term given to the round protru...
Dorris_NPCB_1_A.jpgDorris 1906-26164 viewsDescription: Original Dorris Motor Car Company St. Louis USA hub cap that I believe is for the front wheel.

Dimensions: It measures 3 3/4 inches O.D., 3 7/16 I.D. and 2 1/8 inches tall.
1 commentshubcapco01/08/08 at 10:08hubcapco: Hubcap fron Dorris Motor Car Co, St louis, Mo (190...
Chandler_8_PA_1_A.jpgChandler 8213 viewsDescription: Threaded hubcap for a 8 cyl Chandler. ( Possibly a 1927 Chandler 33hp saloon) Pressed aluminium with a brass plate. Found on 1929-30 Chandler 8's

Dimension: outside diameter is approx 2 3/4", overall diameter 4 3/4" and 2" high.
1 commentshubcapco12/12/07 at 17:17hubcapco: Chandler Motor Co 1913-1929 Cleveland Ohio. An ind...
Napier_CB_1_A.jpgNapier 1908136 views• Description; Early cast brass threaded hubcap for a Napier automobile built in Great Britain between the years of 1900 and 1924. This cap appears to have never been plated and was marked as a very early model but I am not sure of the year.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3” and is 1 5/16” high with 2 9/16” external threads.
1 commentshubcapco12/02/07 at 14:57frank: As used on early cars with Rudge-Whitworth coarse ...
Napier_NPCB_1_A.JPGNapier 1914 T68 20hp and 1923 T79 40/50hp141 viewsDescription; Nickel plated cast brass-threaded hubcap for a Napier automobile built in Great Britain between the years of 1900 and 1924.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3.6 ” at the flange and is 1 ½ ” (38mm) high and 2 ¼” across the sextant (57mm) with 3.386” (86mm) external threads.
• Weight: 12 5/8 oz (359 gms)
1 commentshubcapco12/02/07 at 14:53frank: This cap was usedon later Napiers which were equip...
Leland_NPPB_3_A.jpgLeland Lincoln170 viewsDescription: Large OEM Leland Lincoln threaded hubcap grease cover for spoked artillery wheels. Made of heavy pressed and machined brass in a two-piece design, nickel plated. After leaving Cadillac, Henry Leland built Lincolns from 1920 to 1922 in Detroit until the company was taken over by Ford. I do not know exact year, model, or application for this cap. Large size indicates this is a rear wheel cap.

Dimension: 5 1/8" wide by 2 1/2" high, 4 11/16" threads
1 commentshubcapco11/13/07 at 14:41hubcapco: The face with the separate Lincoln "L" l...
Humber_CastFe_3_A.jpgHumber211 views• DESCRIPTION: Cast iron threaded hub cap with a brass insert for a Humber automobile built in Great Britain at Coventry between the years of 1898 and 1946. The motif in the center is known as the “Wheel of Life” and was used by Humber for several years. There are traces of nickel on the cap.
• SIZE: The cap has an outside diameter of 4 7/16” and is 2 5/8” high with internal threads.
1 commentshubcapco08/21/07 at 07:29Frank: Your E Mail asking various questions on hub caps h...
Itala_CB_1_a.jpgItala152 views• Description; Cast brass threaded hub cap for an Itala automobile built in Italy between the years of 1904 and 1934. I believe this is an early cap.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 4” (100mm) and is 1.152” (30mm) high with external threads that are just under 3.63” (92mm) and 2 ½” (62mm) across the octaganol.
• Weight: 1 lb 1 5/8 oz (500gms)
1 commentshubcapco08/19/07 at 13:51Frank: On May 15th 2005, Queenslanders Lang Kidby OAM and...
Premier_NPPS_1_A.jpgPremier NPPS137 views• Description; NPPS threaded hubcap for a Premier automobile with a cloisonne' insert.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3 3/4” and is 2 3/8” high with the insert being 2 1/8”.
• Weight: 1 lb 37/8 oz

1 commentshubcapco08/17/07 at 12:49Frank: Premier Motor Manufacturing Company was a manufact...
RR_NPPB_1_A.jpgRolls Royce Springfield127 views
• Description; Nickel plated cast brass threaded hubcap for a Springfield Rolls Royce manufactured in USA.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 4 1/2” and is 1 ¾” high and 3 3/4” across the octaganol. Inside threads are 3 ½ “.
• Weight: 1 lb 2 1/8 oz

1 commentshubcapco08/02/07 at 07:02Frank: Ian Irwin is sure that the hubcap is from a Yankee...
White_Steam_PB_1_A.jpgWhite Steam 1900-1911145 views Description; Pressed brass threaded hubcap for a 1910 White Steam automobile built in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1911 they started building gasoline powered automobiles.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter at the shoulder of about 3 ¼” (82mm) and is 1.399” (36mm) high and 2 ½” (64mm) at the sextant with about external threads of 2.851” (72mm).
• Weight: 8 oz ( 228 gms)

1 commentshubcapco08/01/07 at 21:05Frank: White Sewing Machine Company was a manufacturer of...
Winton_NPPB_1_A_1912.jpgWinton 6 1912152 views• Description; Nickel plated pressed brass threaded hubcap with a brass insert for a Winton automobile built in Cleveland, Ohio between the years of 1896 and 1924. Winton first started producing the six cylinder in 1908.
• Size; The hubcap has an outside diameter of 3 9/16” and is about 1 7/8” high with 3 7/16”- 16 threads.
1 commentshubcapco08/01/07 at 20:52Frank: The Winton Motor Carriage Company of Cleveland, Oh...
ajax_PA_1_A_1925-6.gifAJAX PA 1925-6733 views• Description; Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for an Ajax automobile which was built in Racine, Wisconsin in 1925 and 1926. This car was built by Nash after the LaFayette automobile failed and was renamed as the Nash Light Six on the Ajax’s first anniversary. The Ajax caps are quite rare because the car was only produced for one year.
• Size; The cap is 2 7/8” across the flats X 1 7/8” high with 2 5/8”- 16 threads.
• 3” x 1 7/8 x 2 5/8

1 commentshubcapco08/01/07 at 16:42Frank: The Ajax was built using machinery from Nash's...
Ford_T_Aftermarket_PA_1_A.jpgFord T Aftermarket Cursive F147 viewsAftermarket T cap with cursive F1 commentshubcapco07/14/07 at 19:06hubcapco: Aftermarket Ford
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