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Darracq.gifDarracq106 viewsHis first motor cars were electric cabs, but the design was dismissed as "worthless", and he turned to the manufacture of tricycles and quadricycles, then spent $10,000 on the acquisition of Lion Bolle's patents, and turned out a horrid belt-drive machine called the Darracq-Bolle.

A neat voiturette appeared in 1900 this 6 1/2 hp single being quickly followed by two- and four-cylinder models, which in 1904 acquired Darracq's distinctive chassis, pressed, together with its undershield, from a single sheet of steel. British capital reformed the company in 1905, and thereafter a complex range was available, from a 1039cc 8 hp single to an 8143cc 50/60 hp six. Disastrous fours with Henriod rotary valves appeared in 1912, a 2613cc 15 hp (uprated to 2951cc the next year) and a 3969cc 20 hp: these proved so unreliable that profits dwindled to almost nothing.

M. Darracq quickly decided to retire (he had never really liked cars anyway, could not drive and did not like to be driven) and took a share in the Casino at Deauville. Darracq was taken over by Owen Clegg, who introduced a 1913 range based on his excellent Rover Twelve, with monobloc L-head engines of 2121cc and 2971cc: a 4084cc model was added in 1914. This was used by the French Army during the war, and was joined in 1919 by an advanced sv V8 of 4595cc.

A merger with Sunbeam-Talbot came in 1920, and Darracqs became "Talbots" in France (but were still sold as "Darracqs" or "Talbot-Darracqs" in England until 1939).

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Cartercar_NPPB_3_B.jpgCartercar100 viewshubcapco00000
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Reo_SB_1_A.jpgReo 1905104 viewsDESCRIPTION: Heavy stamped brass threaded hub cap for a REO automobile built in Lansing, Michigan between the years of 1905 and 1936. My notes show this no name style cap as being used on the 1905 model.
SIZE: The hub cap measures about 2 7/8” on the rib or flange at the bottom of the thread flange. The main body OD is about 2.600” and it is 2 ¼” high with 2 ½”- 16 threads. The knurled rib is about 9/32” high.
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Jelbart_CB_1_A.jpgJelbart127 viewsDescription: Cast brass threaded cap from the Australian designed and built Jelbart.
Frank and George Jelbart registered their business in Ballarat, Victoria in 1911. They had been working on their air scavenger engine for some time and took out a patent in 1909. They produced one of Australia's first combustion engines and within a few years had several models available. Around 1914 they fitted one of the engines to their first tractor and continued producing them until the mid 1920's. They were all basically the same but were fitted with a variety of their innovative engines. A peculiarity of one of these engines was the stepped piston that was used. The firm had its financial problems but continued for several years in a small way after tractor production ceased in about 1926. You can see the Australian made Jelbart at, Gulgong Museum, Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement, Temora Rural Museum, Booleroo Centre.
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Cunningham_CFe_1_A.jpgRudge Whitworth Cunningham143 viewsDescription : Cunningham Rudge-Whitworth SRB Fhila on the center mediallion. It's made out of cast iron,
Dimension: Mmeasures 4 13/16 inches on the outside of the threads
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Detroiter_CFe_1_A.jpgThe Detroiter166 viewsDescription: Cast iron threaded hubcap for a Detroiter built by Briggs-Detroiter Motor Co, Detroit, Mich, 1912-1917

Dimension: Diameter 95mm, 50mm at the sextant, 52mm high
1 commentsWheeler00000
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Johnson_CA_1_B.jpgJohnson Motor Products103 viewsfrank00000
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RR_NPPB_4_A.jpgRolls Royce105 viewsIt measures about 4-1/2" in diameterfrank00000
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Cadillac_NPPB_9_B.jpgCadillac113 viewssidefrank00000
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Ford_T_NPPB_UK_340.jpgFordT - UK183 viewsfrank00000
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Hudson_PB_1_B.jpgHudson104 viewssidefrank00000
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Hispano-Suiza.jpgHispano Suiza 1913189 views1913 Hispano-Suiza VCCA NSW1 commentsfrank00000
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Whippet_PA_4_A.jpgWhippet 1929/30 Whippet 96A and 98A114 viewsWhippet Hubcap - Wood Wheels for 2 1/2" x 16 TPI hub. 1 1/2" tall, 3 15/16 diameter.
This style hubcap was used on 1929/30 Whippet 96A and 98A.
The second series of Whippet 96A (introduced September 1930) used different hub caps.
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Whippet_PA_1_A.jpgWhippet 1927 - 28 93A/96/98 Hubcap for Wood Wheels187 viewsDESCRIPTION: Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for a 1927 – 1928 Whippet automobile models 93A, 96 and 98. This style hubcap was used on Whippet 96 from Jan 13, 1927 onwards (serial no 49431 and up) as well as the six cylinder Whippet 93A (Jan 1927 to Apr 1928) and Whippet 98 (Apr 1928 to Nov 1928).
It is the most common of all Whippet hubcaps.
• SIZE: The cap is 3” across the flats and is 1 5/8” high with 2 ½”- 16 threads.
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McLaughlin_NPPS_1_B.jpgMcLaughlin Buick117 viewsThe aluminium cap that just says Mclaughlin without the word Buick is an interesting cap. It was a cap used on the 63 models which used the Northway engine. This was their small 6 cylinder engine for their lower priced model. The 63 series was made from 1917 to 1921. There 45 series and other big six models used a cap with both the mclaughlin and buick on the cap like some of the others shown.

Provided by Don Roubos
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