What is the oldest registered cap?

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The oldest cap in the Hubcap Gallery is from a Chinese war chariot and is a bronze artifact and dates to the period known as Warring States (475-221 BC). The Hub cap is approximately 75 mm in diameter and 26mm in width.

Very few parts of Chariots remain as only axle caps, ornaments of the yoke and the rear pillars of the seating box were made of bronze.


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How do I Register for the Hubcap Gallery

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To register in order to be able to add hub caps to the collection and to receive emails on happenings such as cap wanted or for private sale, please use the CONTACT US link on the main menu. Your details will be registered and a password allocated which will enable you to have access rights.


Searching the Database - Tips

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To search the database for types of caps, go to the Hubcap Gallery section.

The search function in the main menu does a search in the links section. once gallery is entered, use the search function in the top right hand corner.

Searching can be conducted by file or contents in files. It is suggested that once search is entered, the form should be ticked to include file and any word. This will bring up all files in the form of thumbnail pictures. eg if word  is used, not only will Ford caps be shown but also Crawford

Click onto the thumb to get a larger view. Back and forward arrows can be used. The files are viewed by file sequence protocol.