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Bean_CA_1_A.jpgBean 1919-2981 viewsDescription: Cast aluminium threaded hubcap for a Bean

Size: 3" (78mm) wide, 1.5 " (38mm) high, 2.36" (60mm) across the sextant.
Bean_CA_1_B.jpgBean78 viewssidefrank
Belsize.gifBelsize logo81 viewsfrank
Belsize.jpgBelsize 1909 159 viewsBelsize 14/161 commentsfrank
Belsize_CB_1_A.jpgBelsize 1912107 views• Description; Cast brass threaded hub cap for a Belsize automobile built in Great Britain between the years of 1897 and 1925.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 2 15/16” and is 1 3/8” high with 2 17/32” external threads.
• Condition; The cap is in very good condition with a few light scratches and dings. The threads are good and the name is very bold. The letters have been repainted.
• Weight: 1lb 3/8 oz.
Belsize_CB_1_B.jpgBelsize83 viewsfrank
Belsize_CB_2_A.jpgBelsize121 viewsDescription: CB cap with external threads for a Belsize by Belsize Motors Ltd ( 1906-26)

Dimension: 3" diameter,
Bentley_NPPS_1_A.jpgBentley206 viewsDescription: Bentley Threaded Hubcap made in London, Great Britain starting in 1920.

Size: It's outside threaded diameter is 2-7/8" and inside diameter is 2-5/8". The overall height is 1-1/4".
1 commentsfrank
Bentley_NPPS_1_B.jpgBentley89 viewssidefrank
Benz_CB_1_A.jpgBenz 1910?118 viewsTHREAD: 2 9/16 (OD) ID: 2 3/8 HGT: 1 3/8 FLATS 2 1/8 WIDEST 2 3/4

Benz_CB_1_B.jpgBenz90 viewsfrank
Benz__185_oldpaver.jpgBenz117 viewsfrank
Berliet.gifBerliet81 viewsMarius Berliet started building single-cylinder cars in a small shed, in 1895.

In 1900 he offered twin-cylinder cars also. After taking over Audibert & Lavirotte in 1901, M. Berliet built two-and four-cylinder cars, and a year later he introduced a completely new design with a honeycomb radiator and steel chassis frame instead of wood.
From 1907 to the outbreak of war, Berliet production was mainly centered on three models: fours of 2412cc and 4398cc and a six of 9500cc. A 1539cc model was current from 1910-12. Berliet made cars until 1917, but developed their lorry department during the war for the needs of the French Army. After the war they resumed production of cars with a 12 hp (2613cc), 15 hp (3308cc) and 22 hp (4398cc), plus other minor models. The sv engines were all of pre-war design. In 1924 Berliet presented new ohv engines: a 7 hp (1159cc) would-be popular car, a 12 hp (2484cc) and an 18 hp (3969cc), these models co-existing with the old side-valves. With the growth of lorry sales, Berliet had less and less interest in making cars. Nevertheless they launched two new six-cylinders of 1800cc and 4000cc in 1927.

In 1933, only two car models were listed: a 1600cc and a 2000cc, available in side-valve as well as ohv form. The last model, presented in 1936, was the Dauphine, a modern-looking car similar to the Chrysler Airflow, with independent front suspension.

Marius Berliet died shortly after the war; a change of policy had already suppressed cars in favour of lorries.

Berliet_.jpgBerliet149 views1 commentsfrank
Berliet_Lyon_PA_1_A.jpgBerliet Lyon88 views• DESCRIPTION: Pressed aluminum threaded hubcap for a Berliet automobile built in Lyons, France between the years of 1895 and 1939.
• SIZE: The cap is 1 9/16”” high with a 2 11/16” outside diameter and about 2 7/16” internal threads.
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