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Smith_CB_1_A.jpgSmith_CB_1_A133 viewsDetails : Threaded cast brass hubcap from a Smith ( The Great Smith) built in Topeka, KS. 1905-1911 by the Smith Automobile Co1 commentsDKuhn12/25/07 at 08:50DKuhn: The Smith was the first car to climb Pikes Peak un...
Chandler_8_PA_1_A.jpgChandler 8211 viewsDescription: Threaded hubcap for a 8 cyl Chandler. ( Possibly a 1927 Chandler 33hp saloon) Pressed aluminium with a brass plate. Found on 1929-30 Chandler 8's

Dimension: outside diameter is approx 2 3/4", overall diameter 4 3/4" and 2" high.
1 commentshubcapco12/12/07 at 17:17hubcapco: Chandler Motor Co 1913-1929 Cleveland Ohio. An ind...
Napier_CB_1_A.jpgNapier 1908135 views• Description; Early cast brass threaded hubcap for a Napier automobile built in Great Britain between the years of 1900 and 1924. This cap appears to have never been plated and was marked as a very early model but I am not sure of the year.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3” and is 1 5/16” high with 2 9/16” external threads.
1 commentshubcapco12/02/07 at 14:57frank: As used on early cars with Rudge-Whitworth coarse ...
Napier_NPCB_1_A.JPGNapier 1914 T68 20hp and 1923 T79 40/50hp140 viewsDescription; Nickel plated cast brass-threaded hubcap for a Napier automobile built in Great Britain between the years of 1900 and 1924.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 3.6 ” at the flange and is 1 ½ ” (38mm) high and 2 ¼” across the sextant (57mm) with 3.386” (86mm) external threads.
• Weight: 12 5/8 oz (359 gms)
1 commentshubcapco12/02/07 at 14:53frank: This cap was usedon later Napiers which were equip...
Apperson_NPCB_2_A.jpgApperson NPCP 2 A211 views• Description; Heavy nickel plated cast brass threaded hub cap for an Apperson automobile built in Kokomo, Indiana between the years of 1902 and 1926. I believe this is a very early hub cap.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of just over 3 ¾” and is 2 ¼” high with 2 11/16”- 24 threads.
1 commentsfrank11/27/07 at 14:33hubcapco: The Apperson was a brand of American automobile ma...
Houk_Rauch-Lang_CB_1_A.jpgRauch and Lang 231 viewsWire wheel Houk for Rauch & Lang car1 commentsfrank11/15/07 at 04:53frank: Rauch-Lang also made the Baker
Leland_NPPB_3_A.jpgLeland Lincoln169 viewsDescription: Large OEM Leland Lincoln threaded hubcap grease cover for spoked artillery wheels. Made of heavy pressed and machined brass in a two-piece design, nickel plated. After leaving Cadillac, Henry Leland built Lincolns from 1920 to 1922 in Detroit until the company was taken over by Ford. I do not know exact year, model, or application for this cap. Large size indicates this is a rear wheel cap.

Dimension: 5 1/8" wide by 2 1/2" high, 4 11/16" threads
1 commentshubcapco11/13/07 at 14:41hubcapco: The face with the separate Lincoln "L" l...
Mort_CA_1_A.jpgMort 1923151 viewsDescription: Threaded cast aluminium cap from a 1923 Mort. The Mort Motor Co in Piqua, Ohio ( 1923-1926) was a division of Meteor.

Dimensions: Diameter of 3 5/8", 2 1/4" high, 2 11/16" inner diameter at threads and 2" across the sextant
1 commentsfrank11/12/07 at 13:53frank: Mort's products were chiefly ambulances and he...
King_NPPB_2_A.jpgKing153 viewsDescription : Nickel plated brass screw on hubcap.

Dimension From what I can find I think this is Hayes threaded hubcap for a King automobile. OD is 3 13/16"...2" tall.....
1 commentsfrank11/02/07 at 15:51frank: 1917 - King Motor Car Co., Detroit. The Challenger...
Locomobile_CB_2_A.jpgLocomobile USA, 1909-13 mod 30 & 1911-13 mod 48160 views• Description; Very early cast brass threaded hub cap with a brass insert for a Locomobile automobile built in Bridgeport, Connecticut between 1900 and 1929. This cap fits the 1909 - 1913 model 30 and 1911 - 1913 model 48 front wheel.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of about 4 1/4” and is 2 1/2” high with about 3 7/8”- 16threads and is 2 1/2" across the flats.
1 commentsfrank10/30/07 at 00:37vblkshadow: It fits a 1909-1913 Model 30 and 1911- to ? Model ...
Elcar_NPPB_2_A.jpgElcar 1916162 viewsDescription: Nickel plated pressed brass threaded hubcap for an Elcar produced in Elkhart , Ind for the 1916 season. Prior to 1916 they were known as Sterlings.
Dimension: 2 3/4" across the threads, 1 7/8" high and 2 1/8" across the sextant
1 commentsfrank10/23/07 at 10:47frank: From 1909-1915 the products of the Elkhart Carriag...
Panhard_Levassor_CB_1_A.jpgPanhard Levassor_CB_1_A158 viewsDESCRIPTION: Cast brass threaded hubcap for a Panhard Levassor automobile built in Paris France from 1889 through 1967. I believe this is a very early cap as it appears to have never been plated.
SIZE: The cap has an OD of 3 3/8” and is about 1 9/16” high with 2.895” external threads.
1 commentsfrank09/30/07 at 16:46frank: fke wordlocker
Citroen_NPPS_1_A.jpgCitroen136 viewsDescription: Steel threaded cap for a Citroen. May have been nickel plated but difficult to tell as cap was buried.

Size: 3 1/8" diameter, 2" high and 1 1/2" across the sextant
1 commentsfrank08/30/07 at 12:36frank: Same dimensions as CA_2
McLaughlin_Buick_PA_2_A.jpgMcLaughlin Buick232 views• Description; Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for a McLaughlin Buick automobile built in Canada between the years of 1923 and 1942.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of just over 2 7/8” and is 1 11/16” high with 2 13/16”- 16 threads.
1 commentsfrank08/27/07 at 17:15Wheeler: what a beauty
Maudsley_PB_1_A.jpgMaudsley123 views1902-231 commentsfrank08/24/07 at 21:00Frank: Maudsley Motor Coy was a branch of an engineering ...
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