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Wills.jpgWills Story117 viewsChilde Harold Wills was the chief metallurgist for Henry Ford, and when he left Ford in 1921, he got a severance check for a million and a half dollars, that he used to start a car company under his own name. The Sainte Claire comes from the location of his factory in Marysville, Michigan, on the Sainte Claire River. He was a perfectionist and his cars were incredibly engineered and as a result, also very expensive and the company only lasted until 1927. His top of the line car was the "GREY GOOSE". frank11111
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Packard_CPCM_1_A.jpgPackard187 views• Description; Chrome plated cast metal threaded hub cap for a late 1920s Packard automobile. The material that the cap is made out of is non magnetic and is possibly a better quality of pot metal. The cap weighs 3 ½ pounds unwrapped.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of 5 ¼” and is just over 2 1/16” high with about 2 27/32”- 16 threads.
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DeDion_Bouton_NPCB_1_A.jpgDe Dion Bouton 1907108 views• Description; Nickel plated cast brass threaded hubcap for a De Dion Bouton automobile built in France between the years of 1883 thru 1932. I believe this cap is about 1907 era.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of just over 2 3/8” and is about 11/16” high with external threads.
• Weight: 6 1/8 oz (175 gms)
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Buick_PA_2_A.jpgBuick Aftermarket Replacement175 views• Description; Pressed aluminum threaded hub cap for a Buick automobile from the 1928 – 1929 era. This is an aftermarket replacement hub cap.
• Size; The cap has an outside diameter of just over 4 ¼” and is 1 7/8” high with 3 3/8”- 16 threads.
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McLaughlin_NPPS_1_A.jpgMcLaughlin252 viewsDescription; Nickel plated pressed steel threaded hubcap for a McLaughlin automobile built in Oshawa, Ontario Canada by The McLaughlin Motor Car Co. Ltd. Between the years of 1908 and 1922.
Size; The cap has an outside diameter of about 2 27/32” and is 1 9/16” high with 2 ¾”- 16 threads.
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Dennis_CB_3_A.jpgDennis186 viewsDescription. Heavy brass cap for a 1915-1925 Model N Dennis vehicle, possibly fire engine

Dimensions: 5 1/2" outer diameter, 3" high, 2 1/2" across top with a 2" Dennis insert and 3" inner diameter
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Motobloc_CB_1_b.jpgMotobloc118 viewsDimension: 2 5/8" diameter, 1 7/16" high,2 1/8" external threads, 2 5/16" acrossthe hex, insert 1 15/16"Sydney00000
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Hupmobile_Radiator_Badge_1930_Model_C.jpgHupmobile Radiator Badge 1930-32 Model C167 viewsfrank00000
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Alvis_CA_1_b.jpgAlvis172 viewsfrank00000
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Maxwell_NPPB_1_B.jpgMaxwell 107 viewshubcapco00000
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Treg_CFe_1_A.jpgTreg108 viewsJeff00000
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international_logo1.gifInternational Harvestor logo121 viewsfrank00000
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Darracq.gifDarracq119 viewsHis first motor cars were electric cabs, but the design was dismissed as "worthless", and he turned to the manufacture of tricycles and quadricycles, then spent $10,000 on the acquisition of Lion Bolle's patents, and turned out a horrid belt-drive machine called the Darracq-Bolle.

A neat voiturette appeared in 1900 this 6 1/2 hp single being quickly followed by two- and four-cylinder models, which in 1904 acquired Darracq's distinctive chassis, pressed, together with its undershield, from a single sheet of steel. British capital reformed the company in 1905, and thereafter a complex range was available, from a 1039cc 8 hp single to an 8143cc 50/60 hp six. Disastrous fours with Henriod rotary valves appeared in 1912, a 2613cc 15 hp (uprated to 2951cc the next year) and a 3969cc 20 hp: these proved so unreliable that profits dwindled to almost nothing.

M. Darracq quickly decided to retire (he had never really liked cars anyway, could not drive and did not like to be driven) and took a share in the Casino at Deauville. Darracq was taken over by Owen Clegg, who introduced a 1913 range based on his excellent Rover Twelve, with monobloc L-head engines of 2121cc and 2971cc: a 4084cc model was added in 1914. This was used by the French Army during the war, and was joined in 1919 by an advanced sv V8 of 4595cc.

A merger with Sunbeam-Talbot came in 1920, and Darracqs became "Talbots" in France (but were still sold as "Darracqs" or "Talbot-Darracqs" in England until 1939).

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Cartercar_NPPB_3_B.jpgCartercar106 viewshubcapco00000
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Reo_SB_1_A.jpgReo 1905110 viewsDESCRIPTION: Heavy stamped brass threaded hub cap for a REO automobile built in Lansing, Michigan between the years of 1905 and 1936. My notes show this no name style cap as being used on the 1905 model.
SIZE: The hub cap measures about 2 7/8” on the rib or flange at the bottom of the thread flange. The main body OD is about 2.600” and it is 2 ¼” high with 2 ½”- 16 threads. The knurled rib is about 9/32” high.
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